High Lotus Studio

The High Lotus creative studio is Catie St. Jacques & Dustin Kalynuk. Their creative explorations, collaborations and curation fuel the physical & digital goods you'll find on High Lotus. The creative duo are full time freelance Graphic Designers and Artists living in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Catie St. Jacques

Inspired by the infinite energy of the sun and the mystery of life, Catie's designs encompass spiritual messages that remind us of what we already know. Her work expresses love, light and harmony through shape, colour and nostalgia.  

IG: @sun_keep 
Work with Catie: catiedsj@gmail.com

Dustin Kalynuk

Dustin's work is an exploration of by-gone aesthetics, spiritual themes and general elevated experimentation. He is inspired by working with various mediums including music, illustration and print making. 

IG: @chakrasystem 
Work with Dustin: thechakrasystem@gmail.com